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Apply to work at girls !

Please fill out the form below with your contact information, your experience & skills you’d like to bring to the team, and which position and shifts you’re most interested in. Thanks & we’ll be in touch ! 

Open Positions:

** BICYCLE DELIVERY RIDERS (1 open position)

1. Day Shifts from 11a-4p on Sunday - Thursday and 11a-6p on Friday & Saturday.

2. Night shifts from 4p-9p on Sunday; 4p-10p on Tuesday - Thursday; & 6p-1a on Monday, Friday & Saturday. 

** LINE COOKS (2 open positions)

1. Fry Cook for day shifts Monday - Friday from 10a-4p.

2. Grill Cook / Fry Cook for night shifts on Tuesday - Saturday from 4p - close.

** BARTENDERS (1 open position, experience required)

1. Day shifts for Monday - Wednesday 10a-4p

2. Night shifts for Monday, Friday & Saturday from 6p-1a

Thanks for submitting!